Yesterday I Had A Wonderful Visit With God

Yesterday I Had A Wonderful Visit With God

In the changing season we often find ourselves complaining from time to time. In the winter it is too cold, too much snow, too windy. In the Spring we complain when there is too much rain. In the summer we complain that it is too hot. Sometimes, these complaints are certainly warranted and yesterday was one such day! It was way too HOT!!!! I think we broke some records with it reaching 40 degrees with the Humidex. Now the nice thing is that there was a gentle breeze from time to time and it made our lawn gatherings in the morning and afternoon quite nice. Having said that, by the time we finished at 3:30, I was “toast” and the thought of just going home and trying to find a somewhat comfortable space to finish out the day just wasn’t cutting it.  So it was off to the shores of the Bay of Fundy for us.

A Complete Release of Anxiety and Stress

We packed a picnic, threw in some chairs, a blanket and towels and started the journey. Half way there we stopped to pick up friends and change vehicles and we continued. Our destination was a little spot in Five Islands that is dear to all of us. After we parked the van we made our way to the beach. The tide was still rising and I immediately walked to the waters edge to dip my toes in the water. Now it is not always a guarantee that the water will be warm, especially with the rising tides, so I am never too hasty about diving right in. However, on this day it was like walking into a nice warm bath and before too long the five of us were splashing and diving into the waves. Not only was this a welcome reprieve from the heat, it was a complete release of anxiety and stress.

As we played in the waves we left behind our worries and cares, we laughed (sometimes so hard that we drew in mouthfuls of salt, muddy water, yuk!), told stories, and simply played. It was a beautiful way to end the day.

Visit with God

Yesterday I Had A Wonderful Visit With God

On the drive home I began to think about some of the conversations that we have been having on the church lawn this week. Some of the questions have focused on who or what is God. If, as some of us feel, God is not a person of any sort residing in the sky somewhere, then what is it and how do we connect or relate? This is not a question that is easily answered and perhaps there really is no definitive answer. But when I think about it, our trip to the shore comes to mind for me. Yesterday I had a wonderful visit with God. We played in the water, we laughed and we loved. We sat together and feasted on chicken and salad.

I saw God in the winged ones who glided by and hovered around the table.

I felt God in the breeze as it blew.

I knew the warmth of divine love as it encompassed me in the waters and washed over me in the waves. And

I heard the voice of God in the voices of friends as we told stories, shared dreams, and laughed.

God, for me, is within, around and beyond.

It is mystery and at the same time very real and tangible.

God is energy and always here.

A Blessing I Leave With You

John O’Donohue is the author of a book called “To Bless The Space Between US”. In it he has a wonderful blessing that I would leave with you.

May the touch of your skin register the beauty of the otherness that surrounds you.
May your listening be attuned to the deeper silence where sound is honed to bring distance home.
May the fragrance of a breathing meadow refresh your heart and remind you, you are a child of the earth.
And when you partake of food and drink, may your taste quicken to the gift of sweetness that flows from the earth.
May your inner eye see through the surfaces and glean the real presence of everything that meets you.
May your soul beautify the desire of your eyes that you might glimpse the infinity that hides in the simple sights
that seem worn to your usual eyes.

May it be so.


© 2020 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved.

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  1. sharon brown says:

    Hi Val,
    I have that book and often when I have people in for a holiday dinner, I gather everyone around and read something from the book before we eat.

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