What Footprint Will You Leave

What Footprint Will You Leave

Sunday was a beautiful day and the sea was calling. After worship we packed a lunch, called Sarah and Chris and made arrangements to meet them in Five Islands. The spot was one that holds memories of summers past, adventures, fun and family. The wind was in full force and the tide was out. First things first – off with the shoes, roll up the pants and into the red mud of the Bay of Fundy! The feeling of the mud squishing through your toes is one that cannot be matched. After our souls were fed, and our feet were cold, we began our walk along the rocky shore.

That is when Chris found it !!! A rock in the perfect shape of a foot.

To us it looked like the perfect shape of a young child’s foot and, almost with one voice, we uttered

“Liam is with us”.

Today, you see, was not only Sunday. For our family, May 17th is known as Liam’s Heaven Day and for eight years we have marked this day in one way or another. This is the day that Liam rose in glory and was united with the source of his being. Most often Liam lets us know of his presence with a feather or two that shows up in the most unexpected places. but today the rock footprint spoke to us of his journey with us and the road we travel together.

Now some people might scoff at such a notion but I truly believe that the spirits of those whose journey is now in another realm continue to be present among us. This is borne out in the stories of the ancestors who talk about communing with those who have gone before

– Jesus on the mountain at the time of the transfiguration communes with Moses and Elijah.

It is also witnessed to by countless others who have had experiences of loved ones connecting with them in various ways – in dreams or visions; in plants and flowers; in song; in feelings and perceptions.

What Footprint Will You Leave

I was fascinated by the footprint and soon found my mind moving from Liam to thinking about the mark that each of us makes upon this place we call home. The way that we live, the truth we speak. the choices we make – all impact the world in which we live and continue to affect it long after we begin the journey in another realm. Our spirits, or part of our spirits, live in those we have loved. The foundations we have laid will continue to be built upon and the dreams we have dreamed will feed the dreams of another. On the flip side, the damage we do can also live on and affect others and our planet long after our departing. So it is important that we think about who we are and what we want to be our legacy.

As you move through the days and weeks ahead my prayer is that you will feel the presence of the ancestors and avail yourself of their wisdom and love; that you will think about what mark you will leave upon the world and may you be empowered to seek what is good.


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  1. sharon brown says:

    May 17, 1997, was my dad’s heaven day.

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