We Need Each Other

We Need Each Other

Yesterday a group of women from the church gathered (socially distanced) for a backyard visit. It was wonderful!!!

To be able to see people, face to face, even if we were at a distance, was such a gift.

When Community Gathers

Throughout this pandemic, for so many things, I have felt like I have been functioning as the captain of a ship without passengers. The office has been empty and quiet for the most part and from here I have written services, made phone visits, and had many Zoom meetings. All of which has been great to a certain extent. However there is nothing quite like feeling the energy created by a group of people in conversation about nothing and everything. It is in these moments that ideas are born, fleshed out, become reality and gain momentum. Things that seemed impossible, when all you have is yourself to brainstorm with, become possible as others engage in the imaging. And doing this in person is what makes the difference. No barrier of technology that may or may not work, being able to hear and see body language and even the reality of many people speaking at once all combine to remind us of the necessity and the joy of being community.

After supper was the recording of the church service for this week. Again this was such a gift for me. Since we are able to have a few more people present for the recording we did just that. This coming week is graduation Sunday for us and so I invited two of our graduates to take part in the service. Although we were not the crowd that is usually in the church for Sunday worship, even having two additional people made such a difference for me. Throughout this time worship has been hard as we have tried to capture the energy that comes when community gathers. And let me tell you, talking to a camera, with an empty church in front of you, is not exactly a moment of having spirit fed. But this week, it felt different for me. Having Ben and Kenzie there, as I spoke my words to them, as I listened to them share, I felt for the first time in a couple of months that I truly worshipped.

We Need Each Other

As human beings we are meant to be in relationship with one another and with all creation. This time of isolation, I believe, has highlighted that this connection is essential for our health and well being and for our ability to become all that we are created to be. So today I give thanks for those who share the journey with me and whose presence feeds the soul and renews the spirit.

Perhaps what is needed now, as we live into the reality that this virus is not going away anytime soon, is that we find safe ways to return to community. There will be barriers and the “normal” will no longer be possible, but we need each other even if we are physically distanced.


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