We are the Light

We are the Light

These last few days have been heavy ones for those of us here in Colchester-East Hants County. We woke on Sunday to the reality that our world had once again changed and what would unfold in the next hours and days would mark us in a way that we could never have imagined. As details have unfolded, we have found ourselves with a wide range of emotions – fear, anxiety, anger, grief and so much more. We wonder – WHY? What would drive a person to commit such horrendous acts?

This Place of Deep Fog

Our hearts are heavy and our beings are caught in this place of deep fog. Into the midst of this comes

the light that will guide us through;

the strength that will help us to stand up;

the love that will heal our wounded hearts.

These things are evident, even though we cannot physically be with one another. People from our communities, our Province, our Country and around the world have taken to the virtual highway to light the candles; sing the songs, share the words that give voice to our despair and our hope. No matter how deep our wounds, it is impossible not to feel the love that surrounds us.

As I reflect on this, I cannot help but feel truly blessed. Nothing can take away what has happened. Nothing will bring the dead back to life. But the outpouring of deep and profound concern; the sharing of memories, tears and laughter; the words of solidarity have brought light into the darkness of this moment. This is what will enable families and communities to move through the grief and gently walk into a new reality.

We are the Light

Viewing this through the eyes of faith, I cannot help but see the face of Jesus; feel his gentle touch and be soothed by his compassion. It has been revealed in every facebook post; every zoom gathering; every phone call.

And Jesus comes into our midst and says

“Peace be with you.”

Jesus also says

“Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

The road ahead will not be easy and for some, it will seem almost impossible. But together we can flatten the bumps and make the way more passable. We are the love that can bring hope to a broken and hurting world. We are the light that will shine the way through the tunnels and the darkness into the dawn of a new day.

May it be so


© 2020 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved

One comment on “We are the Light
  1. Madonna F Boone says:

    Hi Valerie. God bless you all in this very very sad tragedy. May God give you all the peace that passes all understanding to get through this darkness and the valley of the shadow. Your meditation is a light to us all. God Bless.


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