Those God Moments

Those God Moments

This coming Sunday marks the end of Epiphany after which we will turn our faces again toward Jerusalem. Traditionally, in the church, on this last Sunday we read the story of the transfiguration. Jesus takes a couple of his closest friends and goes to the mountain to commune with his God. It is said that something life transforming happened and those present were touched deeply by spirit. We will talk more about this on Sunday.

Those God Moments

When I began to prepare for this Sunday a couple of weeks ago, I spent time with the story and opened myself to Spirit. I thought about those “God moments” that I have had the privilege of experiencing over the years and then I put the story on the back burner as I attended to other things. Near the end of last week, late in the evening, I received a call

“There is a gentleman in the hospital who is dying. The family has asked if I could find them a minister. Do you think you could go in to see them?”

My answer was

“Sure I can do that.”

Those God MomentsI dressed and headed to the hospital. Upon arrival I was told that the man’s wish was to be baptized before he died. We gathered around his bed, I spoke the words of the sacrament and he was able to nod his head in response. I sprinkled the water on his head and made the sign of the cross with these words

“I mark you with the sign of the cross and claim you as Christ’s own forever.”

In that moment, something happened! There was a peace that flooded the room, the gentleman began to smile and an expression of pure joy emanated from his eyes.

That night I did not climb a mountain but I did encounter the presence of Divine in a way that was transforming. I was reminded that these “God moments” are a lot more frequent than I once thought. I also realized, again, that they come at unexpected times and in unexpected ways but when they happen they make a mark on life in a way that could never have been foreseen.

May Your Spirit Sing

As you move through the days ahead may you have eyes to see and the heart to feel Divine presence in your midst. May it touch your soul and fill your being with peace and joy and may your spirit sing.


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