This Is Our Story

Title:  This is Our Story, This is Our Song
Author:  Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury with Christopher Bowman
© 2017 Valerie Peyton Kingsbury with Christopher Bowman. All Rights Reserved.

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Description:  This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song… This musical collection (released in 2017) contains new hymns,  responses, and liturgical songs. Many of these pieces can be sung to either a pre-existing hymn tune or a brand new tune, making it useful for music leaders and congregations of all varieties. There is truly something for everyone here in this musical resource!

Table of Contents:

This Is Our Story
In Praise and Celebration
To Find the Holy
Come Home
The Woman at the Well
Born in Us Today
We Walk the Path of Jesus
No Matter
A Place at the Table
Coming Home to Humanity
The Spirit Is Released
We Leave This Place
We Go Into The World
Choral Amen


About The Authors

Valerie Peyton Kingsbury

Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury ( B.A, M.Div) BA Memorial University of Newfoundland, MDiv Atlantic School of Theology.

Valerie grew up in a home where the love of music, particularly church music, was encouraged and nurtured. Many hours were spent around the family organ singing the great hymns of the faith. By the age of 10 her mother had begun to teach her how to play the organ. She went on to learn piano and later the guitar which has become her instrument of choice. While in school she also took theory and voice and throughout the years has sung in a variety of choirs.

As Minister of worship and liturgy Valerie came to understand the importance of music as a way to express faith and proclaim the gospel. In 2011 she entered ministry with First United Church in Truro, Nova Scotia, and formed a partnership with Christopher (Chris) Bowman. Together they have combined their energy and talent to create liturgical resources and hymns that reflect an evolving Christianity. In May of 2015 they published their first song book “Singing Faith Today” and in June established Tidal Bore Music. Their second song book “Beyond The Darkness” and the CD of the same was published in April of 2016.  The complete collection is available on their website,

Valerie’s passion for the written word has also given birth to her book “Creating Spaces for Healing and Hope” and her weekly Blog , “A Journey of Faith”.  The book, Worship Ready, is a liturgical resource for worship leaders published in September 2016.

Christopher Bowman

M. Mus Memorial University, B. Mus Mount Allison University

Christopher (Chris) enjoys making music in many forms – as a conductor, solo and choral singer, educator, and composer.  He is full-time Minister of Music at First United Church in Truro, Nova Scotia, and Artistic Director of the Cantabile Society of Truro, where he conducts the Cantabile Singers and co-conducts the Cantabile Boys’ Choir.  He also sings with the Juno-nominated Canadian Chamber Choir and takes great delight in the fact that choral music has given him the opportunity to sing in every Canadian province.  Chris is active as a baritone soloist; his debut CD “Over Hill and Valley” with pianist David Chafe won Music NS and Music NL awards, and was nominated for an East Coast Music Award.

Chris loves working with choral singers of all ages and stages and has conducted community, church, school, and university choirs in Atlantic Canada and Ontario.  He is sought after as a clinician, adjudicator, and lecturer, and has taught in various university music departments in Atlantic Canada as a sessional instructor.  As time permits, he is a composer/arranger of choral music, and in recent years has become interested in hymn writing; along with Valerie Peyton Kingsbury they have formed Tidal Bore Music to further this venture – their music can be found at

Chris and his wife Laura are incredibly proud parents of Erica and Meredith, and live in Valley, Nova Scotia.


Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury
First United Church
PO Box 185, 711 Prince Street
Truro,  Nova Scotia    B2N 5C1

Phone: (902) 895-8098

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