Things that speak of abundance in your life

Things that speak of abundance in your life

Reflect on those things that speak of abundance in your life. Allow that positive energy to permeate your being and lift you out of the darkness into the light of a new day.

abundanceThis past week a friend of mine gifted me with a very large tray of tomatoes. Once I got them home I began to think about what I would do with them. Way too many for me to consume, so preserving them in some way was in order. After some conversation with Mark we decided that we would try making Salsa. We cut up the tomatoes and the other ingredients and then I went to get the jars for bottling and realized, quite quickly that I had none left!

Last Sunday I mentioned the fact that apparently there is a mason jar shortage but I only knew that by comments from others. Yesterday I found out for myself! I did manage to find some really small ones and so we now have 30 small bottles of salsa and the rest I decided could be used as a soup base some time in the future so I also have three large containers frozen.

What an abundance!!

Things that speak of abundance in your life

Abundance is what is on my mind this morning. Despite the difficulties of these days and the ways that we have had to adjust our thinking and being, I feel that I have been truly blessed! I look to creation and see beauty revealed in the changing season. As the trees burst forth with colour we are surrounded by an energy and presence that fills the soul. As the food from the earth is harvested we are treated with amazing tastes and nourishment for our bodies. I also see abundance in the gathered community who offer love, encouragement and hope in the midst of uncertainty.

We all experience difficult things throughout our lives. There are moments of uncertainty; struggles that come in a variety of forms; and times of darkness. We experience droughts and famine and valleys in our lives and we are bombarded with disconcerting news from our deeply divided political world. In recent months we are consumed by daily updates on the devastation of COVID19 and we live in a heightened anxiety state, wondering about tomorrow. It can be all consuming and overwhelming and too often we linger there and focus on the darkness. When we do that, when we stay in that place of negativity, it affects our being and our world.

So, today I invite you to stop for a moment and reflect on those things that speak of abundance in your life. Allow that positive energy to permeate your being and lift you out of the darkness into the light of a new day.

The psalmist speaks often about the beauty and wonder and blessings that abound and it is often to these words that I turn. I leave you with these words of reflection on Psalm 84

Creation (by Valerie Peyton Kingsbury, “Soul Songs”)

How lovely is this dwelling place.
My spirit is fed.
My thirst is quenched.
My heart sings!

Even the sparrow finds a home
and the swallow, a place to lay her young.

On the mountains
I behold wonder.
In the valleys,
a place of peace.
Rivers nourish the soul.
The sun brings forth life
and night a time of rest.

Blessed are all who call this place home.


©  2020 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved.

Product - Soul SongsSoul Songs, A Reflection on the Psalms

Soul Songs is a book of morning meditations! It is an easy read and I hope for you as much as it was for me, it will be an inspiration. Inspired by the Psalms, I wrote these morning meditations the summer of 2018. Each day I sat with the sun rising over my beloved river, surrounded by the wonder of creation and the psalms open before me. Here I was transported to a place of deep connection with the energy of the universe. As is often my reality, when I enter this place of holy mystery I am compelled to take pen in hand and the images translate into words, In the pages that follow I share with you the result of my journey.

Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury


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  1. Dan Lynch says:

    Awesome and timely!

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