There’s A Place That I Go

There’s A Place That I Go

On Saturday I joined a young couple as they marked the beginning of a new chapter in their life together. 8 years in Truro and I finally made it to the Alumni Gardens! I arrived early and the garden was empty except for the flowers and the trees. The flowers were in full bloom and a walk way lined with daisies led to the spot where the couple would exchange their vows. For now, the garden appeared to be waiting with silent anticipation to participate in something beautiful.

DaisiesThe sun was beating down as I sat beneath the branches of a great old maple. For a while all seemed quiet but as I tuned in to the voice of the universe an amazing melody could be heard. The wind was blowing slightly and the rustling of the leaves created the rhythm; a couple of birds flew to a nearby tree and began to sing; and then the butterflies began to dance. I was treated to my own personal concert that had the power to soothe the soul and lift the spirit. I was reminded of the movie “The Secret Garden” and of the healing power of such a place as this. As I sat and listened I found myself humming one of my favourite old hymns called “The Beautiful Garden of Prayer”. The Hymn goes

“There’s a garden where Jesus is waiting, there’s a place that is wondrously fair. For it glows with the light of his presence, the beautiful garden of prayer.”

As I joined my voice with the that of creation I could feel the presence of the holy surround me and I knew that I was not alone.

There’s A Place That I Go

Sometimes the journey is difficult. It can be filled with sorrow, challenges, and darkness and in the midst of that we all need a place we can retreat and where our being is held in compassion and grace. Just a short time in this space can regenerate and renew a tired spirit and heal a wounded soul. My prayer is that you will find a place that does this for you. As you go there may your spirit be held in gentleness and care and may you know a moment of wonder and peace.

A number of years ago I wrote my own words to the tune of “The beautiful garden of prayer” and I leave you with them this day:

The Universe Holds Me
© 2019 Valerie Peyton Kingsbury

There’s a place that I go with my sorrow
There’s a place that I go with my pain
In the myst’ry of all that is sacred
I know that my strength I’ll regain


Oh, the universe holds me, it holds me in care
Oh, the universe holds me in care.
There the sacred awaits and opens the gates
to a beautiful garden of prayer

There’s a well that is brimming with water,
that can quench all the thirst in my soul.
In the myst’ry of all that is sacred
there is healing that can make me whole.

Here, I know that I’m one with creation
and I rest by a blossoming tree.
In the myst’ry of all that is sacred
I know that my spirit is free.


© 2019 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved

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