There are Moments – Gifts Really

There are Moments – Gifts Really

This is the time of year that we normally begin to ease off for the summer. The groups at the church would have had their closing gatherings and Council would have met for the final time until the fall. Sunday School and youth group would be winding down and in just a few more days I would be heading out for vacation. But we all know that this year is not normal. We have been in this place of limbo since the end of March and many of us are starting to feel the effects of it. It is not easy and the fact that we are all in this together doesn’t really make it easier. If you are like me, there are moments of anxiety, and with the lightening of restrictions those anxieties do not simply go away. They are replaced with another set as we wonder what really is safe. We are grieving the loss of what was and we are anxious about what will be. I am not sure that I have any great revelations to share with you but I do know that our faith tells us to stop, breathe deeply, and know that God is here.

There are Moments – Gifts Really

As I sat at the computer this morning and began to reflect, I asked myself

“Where are these signs that speak to me of Divine presence in the midst of this journey?”

And there were several that came to mind.

On Saturday I was privileged to join with a small group, physically distance, in a beautiful garden to celebrate the love of two people who now begin a new journey as one family. Their vows were unique and told a story of friendship, commitment, laughter and love. They planted a lilac bush in soil from several places representing the foundation that brought them to this place and the promise of new life and growth that comes with nurture and care. This, for me, was a moment of deep connection with the sacred and a reminder that there are new beginnings.

On Saturday evening Mark and I packed a picnic and headed to Burntcoat Head to walk the shores of the Bay of Fundy. There were others who had the same thought and so as we walked we saw families, couples and a few dogs who were exploring the sands and navigating the rocks. We could hear laughter and saw as people soaked up the beauty of this place. A gentle breeze blew and the sun shone brilliantly. It was a feeling of being cradled in wonder and love. A moment to soothe the soul and lift the spirit.

On Sunday we gathered to celebrate Father’s Day and because of the lightening of restrictions we were able to convene on my brother-in-laws back deck. There was good food, conversation, laughter and love. Three generations in one spot. What a blessing!

On Tuesday evening the Council of First United met via Zoom to talk about the next couple of months and determine whether or not we should re-open our buildings. it was a wonderful conversation to be part of and one that, I know, was directed by spirit. I felt so blessed knowing that I was part of a faith family whose first concern was for the safety and well being of all our members. There was a general feeling of just because we can open does not mean that we should. And this Council followed their hearts and their call to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this time and place. For me this was a gift!

Despite the losses and the upheaval there are moments, gifts really, that can touch us and give us strength. There are signs among us that life keeps moving onward and so will we. May you have eyes to see and ears to hear; may you be open to those signs of new life and promise and may you be strengthened for the journey.


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