The Still Point of the Circle

The Still Point of the Circle

This week I have been walking with a number of people through illness and death; through moments of deep searching and through times of celebration. I have had the opportunity in that, despite the sadness, to reconnect with some folks who have not been part of my journey for a few years and to forge some new relationships. As I reflect on this I am drawn back to another occasion this past summer when I visited with my Auntie. It had been a number of years since I last saw her and I had forgotten how calming she is and how spirit radiates through her.

That day I sat with an elder, listening, as the past and present merged into a space of deep wisdom. There were moments of laughter as she recounted stories of years gone by, glimpses of those who once walked among us, and I was given insights into their character and legacy. Following this was a time of catching up on the journeys of cousins I have not seen in 30 years or more. As each was named I knew the connection with the roots of family that are firmly grounded and intricately woven into the fabric of my life.

The Still Point of the Circle

As I think about this time and this past week I find myself humming “Draw the Circle Wide”. The circle of people who stand beside us is far greater, I believe, than we are able to imagine and we are connected even when we are unaware of it. However, it is the first verse that particularly opens up for me in this moment,

“God, the still point of the circle
round whom all creation turns
nothing lost, but held forever
in God’s gracious arms.”

I believe that the Divine is seen and felt and heard in the people who surround us. Some people seem to reflect that, embody it, in very real and profound ways.

This week I experienced that in my friend Cathy, who, even in the midst of great sadness, radiated Divine love and compassion that brought great comfort to those around her. Spirit shone through her and she reflected the “Still point of the circle.

I also felt that as I visited with my friend, David, in the hospital on Sunday afternoon. Even though he was there because of his own crisis he was concerned for others. In our conversation I could clearly see the light of Divine presence in his eyes and his words and once again, I was in the “Still point of the circle.” And this is what I knew as I sat with my Auntie. In each case I felt connected to the still point and held in God’s gracious arms. In each of these experiences I was reminded that nothing is lost forever and that as we share and remember, the concept of eternal life becomes reality.

May you feel that connection with the still point and know that you are held forever in love.


© 2019 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury

One comment on “The Still Point of the Circle
  1. Carolyn Ward says:

    Your words and stories all enlight my day, love this one and all that I read of your blessing .
    Thanks again Rev. Valerie ,
    Carolyn Ward

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