The Gift of This Place and The People

The Gift of This Place and The People

One by one and in groups they began to gather for the traditional Labour Day parade. The oldest in their 80’s and the youngest just 4, with many in between. Dressed in various outfits, carrying flags representing some of the many parts of our family – Canada, The United States, Great Britain, Ireland and Nunavut. There were lots of noise makers and laughter as the 50th march through Sandy Point commenced. At the end came the group picture and then each returned home in preparation for the rest of the festivities that would begin at noon.

Labour Day on Sandy Point

Tables and chairs appear and are arranged in a kind of gaggle, followed by people bearing tasty dishes of all sorts. The final count was 70.

We are all here connected as family – by blood, by marriage or by choice. For 50 years we have gathered. Some in our midst can recount all of those years, some of us remember the early or the later years and some are here for the first time. Stories, laughter, games and connection are the order of the day.

It has been 38 years since I last sat at this community table. I viewed the scene before me and was filled with a sense of wonder and joy and belonging. I gaze at the faces of those gathered. We may not see each other often, some we do not know well, we may have disagreements and even times of division, but when all is said and done, we are family. Our roots go deep in the soil of this place and to some degree each one of us has been shaped by the gift of this piece of paradise. Many of our family were absent this year. Some have begun new adventures in a different realm and others are in others parts of the country and world. But each is here with us in spirit and surround us with love.

The Gift of This Place and The People

As I look around, I also see the presence of Divine. I know it in every face I see and in every voice I hear. I feel it in the laughter and the stories. At the table I experience it in the breaking of the bread. In this small group are people of all shapes and sizes, cultures and traditions which reflects the amazing handiwork of the creator.

I give thanks for all who surround me and for the gift of this place and people. I cherish the memories we have made and look forward to the many more yet to come.

I am truly blessed.


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