The Before – The Now – The After

The Before – The Now – The After

This weekend some of the restrictions were lifted here in Nova Scotia. Some of the outdoor spaces were re-opened and we were allowed to, once again, walk our trails and explore our parks. Sunday was a beautiful day so Mark and I decided to take advantage of this new freedom. We set out from home, made our way to the church to ring the bells and then continued on to Victoria park.

The sun was bathing us in warmth and wonder and one could smell the coming to life of the earth. When we entered the park we noticed that there were people gathered in small clusters ( 6 feet apart of course and no more than 5) They were sitting on the grass engrossed in conversation; couples occupied a few of the benches, some talking and others just admiring the surroundings; parents and children walked the path; a photographer stood beside the water intent on getting just the right picture; and others were walking with their furry friends. There were smiles all around and every so often a wave and a comment

“Such a beautiful day, isn’t it?”

It was an outing that left my heart glad. I could feel the presence of Divine love and the creative power of the Universe. There was a rightness that rested in my soul and a calm that settled in my being.

I think that one of the things that COVID19 has taught some of us is that it is not the material things in life that matter, rather it is the connection to others that makes a difference.

The Before – The Now – The After

In the Before, we were all guilty of moving too fast I believe. We were concentrated on the gathering of things in our life that would lead us to fulfillment and we most certainly spent way too much time at work or fitting in the next organized activity.

In the Now, we have all taken a step back. Although it has been a forced isolation and there are many things that are driving us around the bend, we are, I believe, appreciating more of those smaller things like conversations on the grass, sitting on the bench , saying hello to the stranger we meet along the way.

I wonder what it will be like in the After? Will we remember the now and the new appreciation we have gained for community and connection? Or will we return to the Before and get caught up again in the rat race that was then? Something for us to ponder. What will our new normal look like?

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook this morning. It is a passage from “Fear” by Khalil Gibran and I found it spoke volumes. I leave you then with these words:

“It is said that before entering the sea a river trembles with fear. She looks back at the path she has come, from the mountain tops, the long winding road going through the forests and villages. And in front of her, she sees an ocean so wide, that entering it seems nothing but having to disappear forever. But there ‘s no other way. The river can’t go back. No one can go back. Going back is impossible in existence. The river needs to take the risk of entering the ocean because only then will fear disappear, because that’s when the river will know that it’s not about disappearing in the ocean, but about becoming the ocean.”

It is my prayer that we will not return to the status quo, but that we will keep moving forward until we become the ocean.


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