Singing Faith Today

Book - Music 2Title:  Singing Faith Today, A Musical Resource for an Evolving Christianity
Authors:  Christopher Bowman and Valerie Peyton Kingsbury

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How It Came Together

As people of faith on a journey of discovery, we learn that with every stage of spiritual development come new understandings, insights and ways of expressing who we are. In our journey as a worship team, we have found that the resources offered in the area of congregational singing and liturgical support that reflect our understandings are limited. At other times, a particular service of worship calls for music that reflects our theme, and “the right piece” just doesn’t seem to exist. This led us to join forces and create what was missing for us. In that process we discovered a creative energy that fills our passion for ministry and for the proclamation of the Gospel.


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About The Authors

Christopher Bowman

Christopher Bowman (M. Mus Memorial University, B. Mus Mount Allison University) enjoys making music in many forms – as a conductor, solo and choral singer, and educator. He is full-time Minister of Music at First United Church in Truro, Nova Scotia, and Artistic Director of the Cantabile Society, where he conducts the Cantabile Singers and co-conducts the Cantabile Boys’ Choir. He also sings with the acclaimed Canadian Chamber Choir, and is an instructor of piano and voice. Chris is active as a baritone soloist; his debut CD “Over Hill and Valley” with pianist David Chafe won Music NS and Music NL awards, and was nominated for an East Coast Music Award.

Chris loves working with singers of all ages and stages, and has conducted community, church, school, and university choirs in Atlantic Canada and Ontario. Chris is sought after as an adjudicator, workshop clinician and lecturer, and in recent years has taught in various university music departments in Atlantic Canada as a sessional instructor. Chris, his wife Laura, and daughters Erica and Meredith live in Valley, Nova Scotia.

Valerie Peyton Kingsbury

Valerie Peyton Kingsbury (B.A, Memorial University, M.Div, Atlantic School of Theology) is a story teller, singer, writer and spiritual care giver. She is full-time Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care at First United Church, Truro, NS. Born and raised in Newfoundland she crossed the water almost 30 years ago to make her home in Nova Scotia. Her journey has taken her into several communities where she has been preacher, teacher, pastor and friend to many. She has held a variety of positions in the United Church including Chair of Truro Presbytery and President of Maritime Conference.  She is author of “Creating Spaces for Healing and Hope”; and of a weekly Blog “A Journey Through Faith”.

Valerie is passionate about life and in particular, life in Christ. She takes seriously the call of Christ to take up the cross and follow. This has led her out into the market place, where the surprises and challenges of life have opened doors and revealed the unconditional love of God.


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