Perhaps It Is Exactly What You Need

Perhaps It Is Exactly What You Need

Have you ever had one of those experiences when what you had planned to do did not materialize and instead you found yourself involved in something different and realized that is exactly what you needed at that moment? Well that is where I have found myself this week.

On Monday

On Monday, Chris and I had set aside time to begin advance planning for Christmas (yes, I did say Christmas!!) Before we could start, however, we needed to tend to this coming week’s worship and that is where we got derailed. Chris asked what I thought I would be talking about and we then began discerning the music that would compliment the service. We struggled for a bit and then I remembered some words to a new hymn I had written a while ago.

– into the car and home to get the words – back in the office –

the creative process took hold and instead of tending to the pre-planning for Christmas, Chris and I were knee deep in writing a new hymn for this Sunday.

It was just what I needed!!!

Sometimes, in the daily routines and in the focusing on what has to be done, the creative juices run very slowly. After a period of this, I begin to feel emptied and struggling to maintain balance. So when this happened on Monday it was like an unexpected gift and a time of refilling the spirit that was definitely needed. (Come to church on Sunday to hear our new hymn)

what is neededOn Tuesday

On Tuesday I took my day off for the week and headed to Sackville. This time we did not have any specific plans but I knew that there were a few things we needed to get done around the house so went thinking that was how I would spend the day.  In the morning we ran some errands and then thought “It’s too nice a day to be hanging at home let’s go to the beach!” So we packed a picnic, gathered our blanket and towels and headed off to the Lakeshore.

It was just what we needed!

On Wednesday

It has been a while since my baby girl and I have been able to spend time with just us. We had talked about doing something Tuesday evening perhaps and then I suggested that maybe she come home with me and I would bring her back on Wednesday. So that is just what happened. There were a few things I needed to tend too but once completed I cleared the schedule and on Wednesday we spent the day going wherever the spirit led us. We ate Indian food; visited a friend’s studio where we talked and laughed and listened; drove to BurntCoat Head to walk on the ocean floor and once again,

It was just what I needed!

Perhaps It Is Exactly What You Need

We live in a time when things seem to be so scheduled and running from one thing to the next is the order of the day. Sometimes we are so focused on the plans that we made and what we think should be done that we miss amazing opportunities.

Plans are good but sometimes it is great to let the spirit move and throw those plans out the window in order to experience just what you need. So today I suggest that if you are distracted by something other than what you had planned – go with it! Perhaps it is really what you need.


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