Not just once a year but every day

Not just once a year but every day

Only a few more days and we will arrive again in Bethlehem. We will gather at the manger to hear the story that is filled with majesty and wonder. There is something about this story that touches us at the core of our being:

perhaps because we long to find light in the midst of darkness;

perhaps it is because, in a world of difficulty and stress there is something in its telling that calms our beings and our souls;

perhaps it is because we know what comes next and the message this child will bring to the world….. perhaps.

Whatever it is that brings us to this place we come as one to celebrate, have our souls fed and rest a while in the glow of the star that guides our way.

The Christ is born not just once a year but every day

As I sit at my desk making the final preparations for the marathon of services that begins today, I cannot help but think of the many stars that I have seen in the night sky this month. Lights that have shone through the people with whom I am blessed to journey.

I call to mind the candlelight concert and the gift of music brought to us by our amazing choir and the friends who join us each year. It was a beautiful way to start off the season bringing focus to the journey.

My heart sings as I think of the young family I met just a couple of weeks ago – brought together by circumstance, my heart has been touched by their gratitude and their determination to see the good even in the midst of great difficulty.

I give thanks for the extended family who surround me and have made the task of moving in the midst of Christmas so much easier – a van to move the stuff, bodies to help unload and those who cheered me on.

Early in the week some 19 of us who make up the staff and families of First came together around the table and in the breaking of the bread we were blessed.

On Wednesday the Mental Health support group gathered for Christmas dinner and we were reminded of our connection to one another and I was blessed by the light that emanated from each person even in the midst of their own struggles.

My list could go on but I guess what I feel this morning is a true sense of blessedness and a feeling of encompassing love revealed in every moment and I know that the Christ is born not just once a year but every day in the hearts and minds of all.

May you know a moment of peace this season and hear again the angel’s song

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Saviour who is Christ the Lord. Glory to God in the highest and peace to all.”


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