Like a negative developing in a darkroom

Like a negative developing in a darkroom

It is early morning, just before dawn and the stars are still twinkling in the sky. There is a soft breeze blowing and I can hear the river singing and the trees rustling. The sun rises slowly and the scene before me, like a negative developing in a darkroom, begins to take on shape and form. I sit in silence, peace and calm flooding my soul, the presence of the ancestors cradling me, as creation wakes to greet a new day.

DarkroomThis is a thin place for me where the veil between this realm and the next is almost non-existent. I am connected to the energy and the mystery of the universe and every cell in my body is breathing deeply the breath of life. For a brief moment, my being is totally free. No thoughts of what I might need to do today; no worries about the future; no plans running through my mind; no stories or dreams being played out before me, just this moment – free and empty and yet filled with completeness.

The light finally takes over the darkness. My soul sings AMEN! Filled to overflowing with the sacred mystery, energized and renewed, I head into the day to embrace whatever comes my way. This is the power of prayer!

May it be so.


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