Jesus Came to Visit

Jesus Came to Visit

Early one morning, while I was on vacation, I set out to replenish supplies so that Mark and I could finish our renovations. We were so close to the end and today was the day to get it done. It wasn’t long into the morning when the first visitor arrived. Then, just as we started back to work another, then another. Each one was welcomed and we stopped to chat but, in my mind, just under the surface, was the thought

“there is so much to do, I don’t have time for this!”.

That’s when I heard Jesus, loud and clear

“Martha, Martha, you are busy with many things, running here and there. Mary has chosen best.” (Luke 10:41)

Jesus Came To Visit

I was so busy doing that I did not recognize Jesus as he entered my space to chat a while. Each person, or group of people, who had dropped in had stories I needed to hear, hands I needed to hold, laughter and love I needed to share. The things I thought needed to be done would still be there tomorrow but this moment would not. We did not finish the renovations that day but we had a wonderful visit with Jesus!

Today Jesus came to visit
I learned things I dd not know before
cleaning filters, changing plugs
and the hanging of a door

I listened to a story
of compassion, love and care
I felt the amazing grace
that comes in what we share

I heard the children singing
and enjoying sacred space
they ran and swam and bantered
bringing laughter to this place

Then we sat around the table
and shared communion sweet
As Jesus shone through every face
the gathered souls to greet

So today I did not do
the things I wanted done
But I sat a while with Jesus
and the song of life was sung

Jesus Visits Often

I often finish worship with the words “As you leave this place may you see the face of Jesus in everyone you meet and may everyone you meet see the face of Jesus in you”. What I have discovered is, when you do that, Jesus visits often. Taking time to sit with him brings insight, wonder, challenge, joy, love and so much more.

My prayer is that you will always take time to stop what you are doing to be blessed by Jesus as he walks among you.


© 2019 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved.

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  1. EllenYuill says:

    Glad I took the time to read this!!

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