It is still about hope, peace, joy and love

It is still about hope, peace, joy and love

The lighting of the candles began again last Sunday as we celebrate the advent of Jesus. It is still about hope, peace, joy and love.

On Sunday last we lit the candle of hope and began again the journey that will lead us to Bethlehem. Over the next four weeks we will listen to the prophecies, hear the story of Mary and Joseph and prepare to receive the gift of light and love that comes to us in the birth of child. This is what Christmas , for those who follow Jesus, is all about. It is hope – an expectation that something amazing will happen.

I think we need to be reminded of this often during these difficult days. It is so easy to get caught up in the grief we are experiencing around what will be different this year. And it will be different but the meaning of Christmas remains the same and the advent of Jesus is still about hope, peace, joy and love. These are the true landmarks that guide us and form the foundation upon which we stand.

In her book “Kneeling in Bethlehem” author, Ann Weems shares a piece called “Christmas Comes”. Today I leave you with these words:

Christmas comes every time we see God in other persons
The human and the holy meet in Bethlehem –
or Times Square.
For Christmas comes like a golden storm on its way
to Jerusalem,
determinedly, inevitably….
Even now it comes
in the face of hatred and warring
no atrocity to terrible to stop it
no Herod strong enough
no hurt deep enough
no curse shocking enough
no disaster shattering enough.
For someone on earth will see the star
someone will hear the angel voices
someone will know peace and good will
and Christ will be born!


© 2020 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved.

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