How I Do What I Do

How I Do What I Do

Over the last few weeks I have been asked by several people how I do what I do. The asking of this is not related to the regular Sunday worship or activities of the church but rather because of the funerals and crisis work that are part of my reality. To be quite honest I have never really thought about how I do it, what keeps me going, or how I can find space away from it. However, in light of these questions I began to reflect and this is what I have come up with.

How I Do What I Do

My Decision to Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus

BecauseI think first of all my energy comes from a connection with divine presence and my decision to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. As such, I try my best to do as Jesus did.

I surround myself with others who also walk this way and draw on their support;

I spend time in sacred places where spirit can feed my soul; and

I take time to laugh and embrace the beauty and wonder that surrounds me.

Key to my belief system is an understanding of resurrection that speaks of possibility and the promise that out of every death comes new life and that wherever life takes us, when we share the journey with others, the burden is lighter and the way easier.

It is because of this that I do what I do.

Each Time I am Also Given the Gift of Life

Every time I walk with someone through illness, crisis, or death a part of my heart is broken but, as bizarre as it sounds, each time I am also given the gift of life. I am privileged to be invited into peoples lives at their most vulnerable. They entrust me with their pain, their joy, their faith and so much more, The superficial barriers that accompany so much of our day to day encounters are torn down and there is a deep connection that is difficult to explain. Sometimes that connection leads to relationships that span a lifetime and others are just for that particular time and place – each are profound and wonderful and true. With every journey I have been gifted with a nugget of wisdom, a moment of insight, glimpses of joy and always, the unexpected.

It is because of this that I do what I do.

Because I Can

Ultimately, I do what I do because I can and my life is richer, fuller and blessed.

To those who have invited me to walk beside them , I say “Thank-you”.

To those who might need someone, I say “If you want, I will walk with you.”


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2 comments on “How I Do What I Do
  1. Gwen D. wells says:

    Valerie, as a person you walked beside during a scary time in my life, I say THANK YOU God for the ministry of a wonderful person. I’m grateful you answered the calling to follow and LIVE out the teachings of Jesus. Thank you Valerie.

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