Creating Spaces

Title:  Creating Spaces for Healing and Hope
Author: Valerie Peyton Kingsbury

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My book, Creating Spaces for Healing and Hope, was some 23 years in the making.  It brings together a series of short stories, each based on a different journey with a special person, a special family and friends. Through my experiences and writing, I explore the journey of life and death through thoughts, emotions, passion, spirituality and faith.  My accounts transcend the unknown through my faith and the faith of many to help find a glimpse of healing, of grace, of travelling a journey and realizing you are not alone.

Thanks to the help of family and friends, I was delighted to finally see it published in 2013.  The book is now available for purchase on this website and through First United Church, Truro, Nova Scotia.  All proceeds go to the ongoing work of the church.

Book Review

My Family

Rev. Valerie and her family

I have an amazing family – My daughters, Terri, Sarah and Kaleigh, and my soul mate, Mark.  Each has contributed to making my book a reality by sharing their gifts of bringing thought to life.

The Artwork

The artwork in the book, are original pieces contributed by:
Mark A.C. Kingsbury and
Terri S.E. MacFarlane

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MarkArchdeacon Mark A.C. Kingsbury

Through painting, drawing, writing and acting Mark shares life in the Spirit with stranger and friend alike.  He invites others to join him on a journey of discovery and proclaims a Gospel of unconditional love.


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Terri S.E. MacFarlane


Whether with the children with whom she works, at home with her son, with her sisters and friends, or by herself Terri’s creativity brings light and life to the world.



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Peer Review

"Valerie Peyton Kingsbury's Creating Spaces for Healing and Hope is not only interesting and therefore worth reading - but it is far more!  It is a moving, uplifting and inspiring account of her experience as a pastor in ministering to the dying and their families.  Her vital personal faith as well as her impressive pastoral gifts of caring and compassion shine through beautifully in her written words."

Dr. Morley F. Hodder
United Church Minister and
University Professor (retired)

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