Church Junkie and Feeling Blessed

Church Junkie and Feeling Blessed

Ever have one of those days when you are convinced that you are forgetting something important?

Well that is how my day has been so far – and it’s only 9am!! Later today I will leave for the annual meeting of Regional Council and there has been much to do in preparation. I have always been a church junkie and so these meetings are something that I look forward to. It is a time to network, catch up with old friends, meet new friends, enter into conversations that will impact the story of our church and discern together where the spirit is leading.

What Am I Forgetting

This year I will be spending most of the meeting with the Intermediates at Council (12-15 year olds). Adam and I are the chaplains for that program and are excited about the worship experience that we have planned. This is where my feelings come in I think –

What am I forgetting that is needed?

Wait a minute!

Church JunkieIn writing this two more things have entered my mind –

  • I need to pick up my police records check and get the tarp I need from the shed! Wow, this is really helping – I also need to pick up soap and towels for one of the services and a bag of dirt for another.
  • In the midst of these preparations Chris and I decided that we simply had to rearrange the office. So…. of course we did.
  • And as I write this, Chris reminds me of another project we planned to complete several weeks ago that still has not been completed.
  • Then there are preparations for the two funerals that await my return on Monday and Tuesday.

No wonder my head is spinning!!

Now I just hope that if there are other things that they will surface before I actually leave town!

Church Junkie and Feeling Blessed

Yes, I am certainly a church junkie! I cannot help but smile and feel joy in my heart as I write this. It is such a privilege to be part of such activity that speaks of life and growth and opportunity. Sharing faith and being in community affords possibilities that are beyond what I could ever ask and I am blessed!  I imagine that this is just what Jesus envisioned when he first called folks to follow him. He created community. A place where people could explore, share laughter, seek knowledge, form relationships and work to be co-creators of a world where love is lived.

Today, in the midst of the spinning, I am filled with gratitude for the people with whom I journey – those I see every day here at First United and those who make up the wider church who I see only once a year. Together we are one.

As you continue through the rest of your week I ask that you remember those gathered at the Regional Council meetings this weekend in prayer. May Spirit fill us all with joy and may we be empowered to move forward as servants of Jesus.


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