Beyond the Darkness

Beyond the DarknessSong Book:  Beyond the Darkness
@2016 Valerie Peyton Kingsbury and Christoper Bowman. All Rights Reserved. Reprint of all or part of this material is strictly prohibited.

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Description:  Music for Lent and Easter including narration for a cantata  It is an original piece of work by Valerie Peyton Kingsbury and Christoper Bowman.

This collection of ten songs is a journey through the final week of Jesus’ life. When performed as a cantata, Mary, the mother of Jesus, weaves the story around the music. ( Her narration can be found on Page 35)

While originally written as a single work, each piece in this book can stand independently and used by congregations or choirs throughout the Lent and Easter season. Some pieces would also be suitable for other times of the church year and can be employed in a variety of ways. “Beyond…” for example, can be woven throughout a spoken prayer. (A sample can be found on page 39).  We invite you to be creative!

It has been our experience that as word and melody come together, Spirit weaves its way in, through and among us. The story comes alive in a whole new way and lives are transformed. We offer you our creations and pray that, as you use them, you too will know the presence of Spirit.

Valerie Peyton Kingsbury and Christopher Bowman

Table of Contents

We Sing Hallelujah
It's a Day of Celebration
The Cleansing of the Temple
Jesus' Dream
The Passover Feast
Into the Garden
Together, We Pray
Good Friday
Amazing Grace Through Darkness Shone
Cantata narration
Sample prayer



Beyond the Darkness

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