Be Angry But Do Not Act In Anger

Be Angry But Do Not Act In Anger

In my book Soul Songs I write Council Comes based on Psalm 4… Be angry but do not act in anger, seek the truth, do what is right, speak with grace. It makes room for our lament always knowing we will be held in love.

This morning I struggle with what to write. Part of that is because I am feeling, like many of us, those mid winter blahs. This is even more so this year, at least for me, as we continue to wade our way through pandemic times. On the other hand, my mind is whirling and I can’t help but think

  • of the happenings south of the border;
  • the conversations regarding the vaccine and those who will not receive it because they live in parts of the world where they can not afford it;
  • the rise in COVID Cases particularly in those provinces that seem to be hardest hit;
  • the increase in people who are finding themselves without a home and, at least in our community, the lack of affordable housing……

these are just a few of the things that are tumbling through my brain. And each one of them begs the question

“Where is the Holy in this?” and “ What am I, we, called to do?”

Be Angry But Do Not Act In Anger

With all of this I take a moment to stop and breath. Before me is my book “Soul Songs” based on the Psalms. I open it and my eyes fall on these words:

Council Comes (based on Psalm 4)

by Valerie Peyton Kingsbury

Alone, in the stillness of the night I cry out!
There is room for my lament and my distress.
`Held in Divine embrace I know my voice is heard.

And Council comes in whispers on the wind….
Be angry, but to not act in anger
Seek the truth and do what is right
Know the words of your heart
Speak only with grace.

The stress of my being knows a moment of calm
and I lie down to sleep in peace.

And so as I wrestle with all of these things and more, I repeat –

Be angry but do not act in anger, seek the truth, do what is right, speak with grace.

And I know that within the struggle is divine energy that holds and empowers.

My prayer for you is that wherever you find yourselves in this journey that you will know there is room for your lament and that always you will be held in love. Listen for wisdom’s voice and know a moment of calm and peace.


© 2021 Rev.Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All Rights Reserved

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