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Like a negative developing in a darkroom

The sun rises slowly and the scene before me, like a negative developing in a darkroom, begins to take on shape and form.

The Pumpkin People and Majesty

An adventure, the pumpkin people, and a turkey dinner brings the majesty of the world alive as we were treated to the song of the creator

Autumn Psalm of Fearlessness

I share with you an Autumn Psalm of Fearlessness taken from “Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim, by Edward Hays

Things that speak of abundance in your life

Reflect on things that speak of abundance in your life. Allow that positive energy to permeate your being and lift you out of the darkness

Peer Review

"Valerie Peyton Kingsbury's Creating Spaces for Healing and Hope is not only interesting and therefore worth reading - but it is far more!  It is a moving, uplifting and inspiring account of her experience as a pastor in ministering to the dying and their families.  Her vital personal faith as well as her impressive pastoral gifts of caring and compassion shine through beautifully in her written words."

Dr. Morley F. Hodder
United Church Minister and
University Professor (retired)

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