A Present from Jesus

A Present from Jesus

This past weekend we made a trip to visit the grandchildren and to help our daughter, Terri, build a playground for the boys. This was to be part of Jase’s birthday present. Jase knew the plan and was excited for Nanny to arrive. A couple of days before he announced to his mom that he couldn’t wait for Nanny to get there so that she and Mommie could build his birthday present from Jesus. Now, this set the stage for many comments and laughter and I joked that

Jesus was not getting the credit for all our hard work!

The day for building was wonderful! The sun came out after a couple of days of hard rain and instead of just Terri and I it turned into a family project and a fun filled day. The day included many trips to the hardware store (so many that they knew me by name at the end!), each person holding , nailing, cutting, staining or giving directions. Then there was a visit to the grocery store, an adventure on the side-by-side, ice cream, a barbeque, topped off with fishing and smores over the fire.

A Present from Jesus

Present from JesusIt was a day filled with co-operation, fun and laughter, hard work and joy. Sometimes being family can be difficult. It’s not always sunshine and roses. There are misunderstandings, disagreements, frustrations and personality clashes that can take over, especially when you attempt to build something together! It is easy to forget manners and good rules of play when how to get somewhere differs among the players. Then there are days like last Friday when the stars are aligned and everyone stays on the same page. These are days of great blessing!

As I look back and hear my grandsons words I can’t help but wonder if perhaps he knew something we did not. The building of the playground was sacred and blessed, indeed a present from Jesus.

My prayer for each of you is

That you too will know such moments of joy and wonder.

That in the midst of life you will be surprised with a present from Jesus.


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  1. Gwen Wells says:

    Valerie is LOVE this story! Your grandson was right, that day was a gift from Jesus. It warmed my heart to read it. I have always enjoyed your various gifts, story telling being just one of them! I also enjoy how you share your humanness, warts and all. That is such a freeing thing that a woman in ministry, or a man for that matter can DO that. Thank you for all that you give!

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