A Journey Through Holy Week

A Journey Through Holy Week

Last year I wrote a series of Holy Week Monologues in the voices of women who were there. In this blog I've included a copy of one of my posts from that time (see below).

This year and as a result of COVID-19, I have learned new skills and a new appreciation social media. It has the ability to connect us in this time of crisis.  With this new learning I have been able to tell you the stories through videos.  Visit the YouTube Channel for First United Truro for the Journey through Holy Week. I hope you enjoy them.

Monologues - Lenten Series - Cover

April 2020 - First United Truro YouTube Channel

Last Year's Blog - Sharing Memories and Stories

The written word and storytelling have always been my forte and they come to me with a certain sense of ease. With pen in hand I can create a mosaic of memories, faith, lament, joy, celebration and so much more. Reading the writings’ of others can transport me to places of hope and joy; can bring me to tears; cause me moments of anger; and bring life to the song of my heart. Recently, however, I have been thinking a lot about pictures – either photos, paintings, sketches.

An Amazing Journey

photo albumEach week, my reflections are taken by my sister, she adds pictures (her own and others’) and posts this to my blog site. Although she often reminds me that this is a challenge at times, she certainly rises to the occasion and I am always amazed how she can bring my writings to life. In January I decided to gather all the photos I have taken and stored digitally, print them and put them in albums.

It has been an amazing journey!

Stories fade over time, details get changed and sometimes lost but a photo can bring you back to a time and place of long ago. A photo can stir the memory and bring alive again the experience. My grandson loves to look at pictures and it is such a joy to go through old photos that invite him to know a little of my story. He is always full of questions – wanting to know where this is, who that is, what is happening here? This creates a space to share and connect and become part of a larger story.

Photos by RogerPhotos by Roger

Yesterday, I happened to run upstairs in the church hall to see Roger for a minute. It has been a while since I had the need to go upstairs and what met me made my heart leap with joy! Roger was in the process of hanging his creations , each picture telling a story and speaking a thousand words. The hallway had come alive! That sparked an idea and after some conversation we decided these photos needed to be more accessible and shared with a wider audience and so plans began to form. For those who are here in Truro, you too can enjoy this work! (and even purchase if you want)

The gymnasium now houses “Photos by Roger"!

Sharing Memories and Stories

Valerie - Family photosI have often said that memories/stories are vitally important in that in the sharing lie the seeds of eternal life. Pictures enable those who were/are part of our journey to remain part of it still. We can travel to places that we might never actually see in person; meet people who we would not otherwise meet; experience beauty and wonder and joy!

I sit at my kitchen table and see before me a collage that reminds me of the Divine present in the beauty of creation; the laughter and love of family and friends; the deep joy and sometimes frustration as children grow and change; and the gift of care offered by long time companions.

Take a moment to look at your photos, share a story or two and be renewed!


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And The Storytelling Continues During Holy Week

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