A Journey Through Faith

think beyond the surface

My mentor has always challenged me to think beyond the surface stuff and move deeper in the realm of the sacred.

When I began to write these wonderings I did so in an effort to connect with the members of my congregation and to encourage them to join with me on a journey of discovery. What I have discovered in that process is that my musings have been shared with co-workers, family members, and friends when they have touched a certain chord or offered the words that are needed at the time.

Now I offer my thoughts to you in the hope you will find

moments of insight
words of hope and inspiration
something that challenges you
a glimpse into the mystery of the Universe
an unexpected moment of grace


The Latest

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  • Like a negative developing in a darkroom

    Like a negative developing in a darkroom

    The sun rises slowly and the scene before me, like a negative developing in a darkroom, begins to take on shape and form.Read more ›
  • The Pumpkin People and Majesty

    The Pumpkin People and Majesty

    An adventure, the pumpkin people, and a turkey dinner brings the majesty of the world alive as we were treated to the song of the creatorRead more ›
  • Autumn Psalm of Fearlessness

    Autumn Psalm of Fearlessness

    I share with you an Autumn Psalm of Fearlessness taken from “Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim, by Edward HaysRead more ›