A Journey Through Faith

think beyond the surface

My mentor has always challenged me to think beyond the surface stuff and move deeper in the realm of the sacred.

When I began to write these wonderings I did so in an effort to connect with the members of my congregation and to encourage them to join with me on a journey of discovery. What I have discovered in that process is that my musings have been shared with co-workers, family members, and friends when they have touched a certain chord or offered the words that are needed at the time.

Now I offer my thoughts to you in the hope you will find

moments of insight
words of hope and inspiration
something that challenges you
a glimpse into the mystery of the Universe
an unexpected moment of grace


The Latest

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  • An Age Old Prayer

    An Age Old Prayer

    Today, I invite you to spend some time with this old age prayer. Think about its meaning and then re-write it for yourself.Read more ›
  • Imagine a World

    Imagine a World

    Imagine a world without divisions ... from an amazing book, One Drum “We are all one energy, one soul, one song and one drum”.Read more ›
  • Be Angry But Do Not Act In Anger

    Be Angry But Do Not Act In Anger

    Council Comes (based on Psalm 4) ... Be angry but do not act in anger, seek the truth, do what is right, speak with grace.Read more ›