What we can do when feeling tired, alone, uncertain

What we can do when feeling tired, alone, uncertain

I started to write my weekly reflection a couple of times this week. This is attempt number three. As I started writing all I could think of was

“I am tired and I have nothing left to offer”.

WadiSoul Songs coverng Through These Waters

Those thoughts rested in my being and I just walked away from the computer. Tonight I sit here and I realize that I am not alone in this thought. Every one of us wades through these waters at different points in our journey. Our reasons for being tired vary but they come and we seek ways to gain strength, grow and move on.

My mind wanders to yesterday’s service of celebration and the words I shared about my dear friend Arlene. She was a person who tapped into spirit and drew strength from Divine love. After her service I sat with the reading I shared based on psalm 121

Psalm 121

I lift up my eyes to the hills—
from where will help come?
2 Help comes from creation itself,
and the sacred that dwells within
3 Divine presence helps to keep us firmly rooted and
does not slumber or sleep.
providing shade from the scorching sun.

6 The sun shall not strike by day,
nor the moon by night.

7 All shall be shielded from evil
and life preserved.
8 Spirit dwells within and will keep
our going out and coming in
from this time on and forevermore

This was one of the psalms that I neglected to rewrite in my book “Soul Songs” but was called to rewrite last week for another service of celebration at which I presided. Tonight these words call me into a sacred place. They remind me that help comes from all that surrounds us – the land upon which we stand; the people with whom we share community and divine presence that does not slumber or sleep. They remind me that this spirit dwells within me and that

I need to stop and listen and feel it’s healing power touching the inner most core of my being.

What we can do when feeling tired, alone, uncertain

It is not always easy to stop, to admit that one needs to stop, but if we walk by faith and listen to the voices of the ancient ones then we know the necessity of doing this.

When the road is rough and mountains look too high to climb;

when the sounds around are loud and chaotic and the world is closing in

– then we must remember that help comes from creation itself and the sacred that dwells within.

Jesus invites us to step into a boat, to rest on the hillside, to enter the garden, to sit at table with friends and there replenish our souls and renew our beings.

If you find yourself in the space of being tired, alone, uncertain, defeated…..

lift up your eyes unto the hills and your help will come

in a whisper on the wind,

in the encompassing warmth of the sun;

in the gentle caress of the rain;

in the beautiful song of the birds and

in the companionship of friends.

May it be so.


© 2020 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All Rights Reserved

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