Until You Can Shine Again

In my basement I have three light fixtures that are attached to the same power source. One switch turns them all on. Pretty straightforward and simple. However, one of the lights does not come on. Now this really makes no sense since it is the same power source (and there is power going to said light) so we are in the process of trying to figure out what is happening. Fortunately by brother in spirit is here and he is now busy trying to solve the mystery.

Until You Can Shine Again

As I pondered this over my morning coffee I could not help but see some parallels to faith and the faith community. In our life together we are all connected to the same power source but sometimes there are one or two or more people in the mix who cannot feel it. While some may feel the energy and be empowered by it to allow their light to shine brightly, others are missing something …

perhaps there is a blockage in the line that needs to be cleared;

perhaps there is a broken wire that needs mending; or

perhaps there is a worn out piece that needs to be replaced.

Now the wonderful thing about my basement lights is that the two remaining lights have taken over the task of illuminating the space. A couple of stronger light bulbs and they will do the job until power returns to the third. And the wonderful thing about community is that we can do the same for those whose power has diminished. We surround one another and shine a little brighter making the pathway more visible until the spark of re-connection takes place.

If you are one who feels the energy may you shine a little brighter for another who needs to see the way.

If you are one who is feeling disconnected may you feel the presence of community that holds you until you can shine again.

May it be so


© 2018 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved.

2 comments on “Until You Can Shine Again
  1. Carolyn Ward says:

    Valerie you have made me feel so loved this morning, I know now what may be happening, I have the candles that you use in church. There is one that is unbelievable, there are 3 that sat on my entry way table. Two are programable and one is not.
    The one that is not programable, will come on when I get in bed, I have gotten up to see if it is still on and “No” it is not than of. Every night this happens.
    I now believe it is coming from the love above.
    Thanks for making me Understand the light.

    Carolyn Ward

  2. Sandy Hynes says:

    Beautiful Valerie!
    Your writings are so enlightening…..you are a beacon to so many!
    Thank You!

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