Underneath the Debris I Discovered Crocuses

In light of Sunday’s celebration for Earth Day I decided yesterday that I would play hookie from work and spend it in the garden.

Junk to One – Value to Another

It was such a beautiful spring day! This also happens to be Spring clean up week and there were a few things that I needed to get out for pick up. I started by gathering those things and putting them on the curb. Now, pick up is not until Friday but by early evening everything was gone. It never ceases to amaze me that what is junk to one person has value to another! I give thanks that what I can no longer use has been re-purposed and will not, at least for now, end up in the landfill.

underneath the debris

underneath the debris

Surprise! Underneath the Debris – Crocuses

With that completed I started on the back yard. Although I had removed most of the leaves in the fall there was still much to gather particularly in the back corner near the fence. This was a journey of discovery! I really haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to that part of the yard and have never raked there before. I figured that 7 years was a enough time to let it go and perhaps I should give it some attention.

The first thing I discovered, after removing the debris, was that I have crocuses! Beautiful purple flowers that now can breathe! These were the first things I saw today as I looked out my back window and I smiled! Next to the crocuses are the sprouts of what will be tulips and along the fence there are other green shoots just preparing to grow into something. I will need to wait and watch to see what finally arrives! When I completed all that I wanted to I sat with the sun shining on my face and felt the pulse of creation that touches the soul.

Remove The Debris – Till The Soil

Often times the pace of life becomes so fast that the days are a blur. Then there are those things that fill us with concern, or tension or frustration and the beauty beneath is covered with debris. The sun cannot reach us and it is difficult to breathe. When this happens, I think we need to play hookie and reconnect with the source of our being.

My prayer is that you will

“take the time to remove the debris, till the soil of your soul and allow the sun to bring new light and life.”


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