The Veil Between This Realm and The Divine One

The sun shone through the windows creating a soft glow of light. The pews were filled with people caught up in the beauty of the moment. Fingers flew across the keys and sounds that were awe inspiring, haunting, peaceful, expectant and joyful filled the sanctuary. I found myself taken over by these sounds and my mind was flooded with images. Then I was transported to a place of peace where a calming energy rested in my being. I felt a presence that was comforting and healing broken only by the periodic clapping that erupted as others felt the call to express joy and gratitude.

The Veil Between This Realm and The Divine One

veil between this realmPart way through this amazing experience I was gifted with another journey. Sitting in a rocking chair, a little girl curled up in my lap I entered the world of imagination and wonder. We read of merfolk and airfolk and underwater creatures. Scenes that were filled with drama – anticipation, sorrow, conflict, pain and joy.

Then I returned to this place and felt empowered and renewed touched by Divine presence.

As I reflect on this I feel deep gratitude for the places and moments where the veil between this realm and the divine one is very thin. In this space there is opportunity for spirit to be fed and renewed. It is a place where worries and cares seem to fade into the background and something wonderful happens. With spirit renewed and strengthened one can return to life with a new vision and light for days ahead.

My prayer is that you will be gifted with these moments as well and may they empower you for life. May it be so.


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