The Promise and The Possibility of New Life

It is early morning here and I sit , once again, on the banks of my river. All is still and there is a gentle rain falling. Just a few weeks ago the scene before me would have been ablaze with colour as the leaves burst with the joy of creation. The grass was still green and there would have even been a few flowers still blooming. Today, the trees are bare and the leaves serve as a blanket for the earth. Each part of creation prepares for winter rest and renewal. Just outside my window stand birch trees, although bare of leaves, their strength and beauty still amazing as the white glistens against the barren background. A testimony of life and light.

Promise and PossibilityThe Promise and The Possibility of New Life

As I drank my morning coffee and soaked in this picture I could not help but hear the song of the earth reminding me of life. The words of Jesus also rang in my ears

“A grain of wheat that falls to the ground will never be more than a grain of wheat unless it dies. But if it dies it will produce lots of wheat.”

What I hear is the promise and what I see is the possibility of new life, new growth and the surprises that come with resurrection.

This really is true for us as well. In our personal lives and in our corporate life there are times when we must let go and allow death to happen in order for new life to take place. Perhaps it is a way of doing things, or a committee, or an idea, or a tradition.

When we cling desperately to what was, we shut the door to what could be.

My prayer for us is that we will allow this process to take place; that we will live through the pain of letting go and embrace the possibility of new life. So much awaits us as we are renewed and transformed in the power of the universe!

May it be so


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