Stuck in a Dry Spell or Perhaps Just the Sooners

I’ve been thinking these last few days about dry spells. Those times in life when the creative juices seem to be clogged and everything stops. Or when you go through those days of what I call “the sooners” – you would sooner be doing something else but don’t know what and so you are stuck. There doesn’t seem to be any real rhyme or reason for when this happens, it just does. This has been on my mind because that is where I have found myself these last couple of months. I have done what needs to be done and engaged in the life and ministry of the church but, for me, there has been something missing. If I knew how to change this I imagine dry spells might be shorter or not at all.

Stuck in a Dry Spell or Perhaps Just the Sooners

However, what I have discovered is that these times do eventually come to an end. Perhaps then, this is nature’s way of making us slow down a little, giving our creativity and our spirits time to recharge and renew. Perhaps the reminder is that we should make time for these fallow moments so that we can be our best selves.

It appears that I have come to the end of this last dry spell. Coincidentally, it seems to have coincided with the beginning of Lent. Now this is a little ironic because normally Lent is that time when we, as Christians, move intentionally into the wilderness. Here we step back a little and spend time doing less and reflecting more. Having said that, perhaps it does make sense for me since this is the time of year that has always touched my soul, opened doors of possibility and engaged my spirit as no other time of the year does.

This season, Chris and I decided to invite you to explore with us different characteristics of Jesus and to discern how this informs who we are called to be. A few weeks ago when we began the process Chris suggested perhaps we might write a new hymn to go along with this. Easy enough! Except I was in the full swing of dryness. No matter how much we talked or how much I tried to concentrate on what we were doing, I simply could not produce anything.

Then it happened!

I had begun my own Lenten discipline of fasting and the fog lifted.

All of a sudden words were flowing through my mind, not just for this song but for a couple of others as well. Scriptures and ideas for upcoming services started surfacing and my energy level started to rise.

I was back!!

This coming Sunday we will sing a new song! Today I share with you the words.

Now We, Like Jesus
© 2018 Valerie Peyton Kingsbury and Christopher Bowman

He walked into the marketplace. His arms were open wide.
He offered there his friendship, hand in hand and side by side.
On mountainside or by the sea his mission was to teach.
With words of truth and wisdom, gathered crowds he tried to reach.

Now we, like Jesus, walk the walk. We teach, we heal, we grow.
Our mission is to serve the world, to speak the truth we know.
We’re called to challenge systems of oppression, hate, and fear.
In welcoming with open arms, the vision is made clear.

The broken down and those in pain, they came to him for care.
He opened doors to wholeness, off’ring hope and comfort there.
He did not want to rule the world but came to love and serve.
He lifted up the lowly sharing all without reserve (Refrain)

As prophet, he spoke daring words of justice, love, and peace.
He challenged those in power saying empires now must cease.
Against the system he rebelled and tried to right the wrong,
exposing the divisions that existed far too long. (Refrain)


© 2018 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury

One comment on “Stuck in a Dry Spell or Perhaps Just the Sooners
  1. Carolyn Ward says:

    Is this one of your song. Excited to hear this , just realized you could not come up with anything.

    Any song is beautiful from you or Chris.

    See you Sunday
    Carolyn Ward

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