Stories – An Important Part Of Our Journey

RingsThis morning I woke up and thought “This is a Bling sort of Day!” So after getting dressed I decided to wear all my rings.

As I put them on I was drawn to the stories held in each one. I realized that the rings speak of my faith journey, of friendship, pain and celebration, graduation, children, sisters, my ancestors and of dreams. As I recalled each story I felt connected to the people who have traveled with me and who have gifted me with so many blessings.

Soul Songs - PosterStories – An Important Part Of Our Journey

Those of you who know me have heard me say many times that we are a people of story and that those stories are an important part of our journey. We each remember in different ways – some through art, or the written word, or through pictures and oral stories, some through the “bling” we wear and even the way we dress. This remembering not only calls to mind the past but it speaks something about us for we, too, are woven into this mosaic and it reflects who we are.

This summer I took time each morning to reflect on the psalms and listen to the voices of the ancient ones.

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There is a great deal in psalms about sharing the story; about telling the story that generations yet to come will learn and grow; that they might come to know the presence of the sacred and be blessed.

I share with you what came to me as I read Psalm 78.

Tell the Story ( ps 78)

Speak to your children
the stories of the ancestors.
The choices that were good
and the mistakes that were made.
That they might learn and grow
in wisdom and in truth.
That they might be open to sacred
feel spirit within
and walk the path of justice and love.

Drawing on sacred love and divine mystery
the ancestors rose from oppression
and walked into freedom.
They crossed the sea
and entered the wilderness.
There, they found abundance
in unexpected places.
At times, they complained,
closed their eyes to possibility
and lost their way.
But with reconnection to sacred came insight
and the way ahead became clear.

They learned that…
hatred and fear,
causing harm to creation,
mistreating of neighbor,
speaking words that denigrate,
acting in violence
These things bring destruction.

They learned that…
keeping covenant
founding actions in love,
walking in the light,
seeking justice and equity
These things bring freedom, abundance and blessing

Post - Tell the storyMay it be so
for generations yet to come.

My prayer is that you will take a moment to recall your story and share it in whatever way is right for you. May you feel connected, grounded and rooted. May you feel empowered to grow and change and become. May you know freedom, abundance and blessing.

© 2018 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved.

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