Reshaped, Remodeled and Molded

Being reshaped, remodeled and molded … On Tuesday I accompanied Terri to the IWK where my grandson, Riley, has his casts removed and then put back on. He was born with a foot condition that requires some remodeling so that he will be able to walk. This is a long process and we are uncertain just how long. Already though, we can see the difference. Each week consists of removing the old cast, then the doctor reshapes the foot and a new cast is placed on.

It is fascinating to watch!

As I observed the process it looked very much like taking a piece of modeling clay and pushing and molding it. As I understand it, this shaping puts the muscle and bone in a new configuration so that it can grow properly. This is not comfortable and even brings with it moments of pain. However, when we started his feet didn’t really look like feet and now, just 4 weeks later, you can see things taking form and becoming something that will bring freedom. It is amazing to see the care of the doctors and nurses as they hold this tiny baby in their hands and are committed to healing and creating.

Reshaped, Remodeled and Molded

I began to think about shaping and remodeling in light of the community of faith and our journey of discovery. I think that this is what happens to us as we discern, question, doubt and engage in our story. We all start in different places, with a variety of understandings and ways of interpreting our faith.

Each week we come together in worship where we listen as spirit speaks to us through music, prayer and word. Perhaps there is a moment of insight, perhaps we are challenged to bend in a new way, perhaps we become a little more confident in our faith or even become aware of the need to change again.

Then through the week we also encounter these moments where we are being remodeled – through our contact with others, bible studies, film groups, and even meetings. Sometimes this process is painful because we are moved in ways that we would rather not go and there are those times when we are certainly taken into a place of discomfort.

I believe that all of this is good and necessary because as we grow and change there is the possibility that we will break free of the barriers that hold us back and we will become all that we were created to be.

I believe that we each play different roles in this journey as well. At one point we might be the doctor or the nurse who is shaping and remolding others. Our insights and wisdom become the catalyst for change and we challenge others to think outside the box. At other times we are the ones in desperate need of adjustments that will enable us walk again.

My prayer is that wherever we find ourselves that

we will be empowered to hold one another in care and healing;

we will face the challenges and joys with the knowledge that the possibilities before us are endless; and

we will be reshaped and molded to be a reflection of Divine in the world.


© 2018 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved

3 comments on “Reshaped, Remodeled and Molded
  1. Lorraine Baker says:

    Words of wisdom Valerie, words I needed to hear right now, thank you.

  2. Gwen Wells says:

    This is so well put! Thank you are sharing it Valerie. I’m sure you continue to be an inspiration to many!

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