Never Give Up

On Tuesday of this week, here in Truro, we gathered with countless others around the world to mark World Food Day. This is a day of action dedicated to tackling global hunger. According to United Nations resources 805 million people worldwide live with chronic hunger. This year over 150 countries participated making this one of the most celebrated days in the UN calendar.

Listening to the Woman from Syria

The number of people without food is indeed daunting, to say the least, and one cannot help but wonder how this can be in a world where there is such abundance. There are countless reasons that range from famine, to drought, to war, to economic inequity and the task of addressing each one is sometimes overwhelming. However, on Tuesday evening I had the privilege of participating in an event to help support the work of the Canadian Food Grains Bank. We shared in a ration meal and then heard from a young woman from Syria who shared her own personal experience in this war torn country.

She talked about the reality of war and the affect that it has on the lives of individuals and families and the issues of hunger that come along with that. She also shared her commitment to and passion for making a difference in her country and in the lives of people who are suffering. The work of organizations like the Canadian Food Grains Bank are making a difference and we can participate in the change that needs to happen – speaking out, prayer, participating in local Food Grains projects and raising awareness in our own communities – just to mention a few.

With over 150 countries participating in this event I began to wonder how it is that so many cannot make the change? Then I thought about how difficult it is to make change, or create something new, or address an injustice in any community. It is not easy! For many of us who live in places of privilege and comfort we are reluctant to give up what we have come to enjoy. We are afraid that we will lose what we have. We live in a world where success is measured by what we have accumulated in our lifetime. In light of this, part of the challenge is getting at the heart of the issue and changing the core of our society. Again, this is not easy! So where does that leave us? The answer is difficult and simple –

Post - Never Give UpKeep trying!

Never Give Up!

The Persistent Widow Brought Justice

In the midst of these musings I kept returning to the story of the persistent widow shared with us in the gospel named for Luke. It was only her persistence that brought justice in the end. Sometimes that is what it takes – never giving up, continually returning until the desired outcome is reached. Our faith story reminds us over and over again that we are called to be reflections of Divine love and justice in the world, that we are meant to be in right relationship with creation and that there is a place at the table for each and every one.

May we, like the widow, walk the path of justice and be persistent in our pursuit of it.


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