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I invite you to travel with me on my journey through faith. I publish a weekly blog which I call Wednesday Wonderings and Thursday's Thoughts.  Here are excerpts of the most recent posts. Click on the graphic or the topic to access the full article.


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Wednesday Wonderings and Thursday’s Thoughts

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  • A Strange Time – A Difficult Time

    A Strange Time – A Difficult Time

    Winter is strange and difficult - mixtures of wonder, joy and love, darkness, struggle and sadness. But in the midst there is hope for rebirth and renewalRead more ›
  • Living In Limoo

    Living In Limoo

    Living in Limbo - very much like Advent, a difficult place to be practically and spiritually. Yet, it is filled with messages of hope, peace, joy and love.Read more ›
  • Just A Bump in the Road

    Just A Bump in the Road

    An oil leak, a broken furnace and a flooded basement - a community rallied, laughter to lighten the moment, knowledge that it is just a bump in the road.Read more ›
  • Taking a breath

    Taking a breath

    Taking a breath when life is in a constant state of motion. Take a moment to pause in this in-between time. Drink from the well and take time to simply be.Read more ›
  • Ida Webster – A Woman of Faith

    Ida Webster – A Woman of Faith

    Ida Webster, a woman of faith, whose ministry left a mark upon the world in which she lived - an example of what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.Read more ›
  • The Promise and The Possibility of New Life

    The Promise and The Possibility of New Life

    Today, the trees are bare and the leaves serve as a blanket for the earth. Each part of creation prepares for winter rest and renewal.Read more ›
  • Why are you helping me?

    Why are you helping me?

    “Why are you helping me?” Those five words floored me. I wasn’t sure what to say. Many of us live in places of great privilege and economic stability while so many others do not. Why should we help? The answer is simple “Because we can!”Read more ›
  • Never Give Up

    Never Give Up

    There are 805 million people living in chronic hunger. 150 countries participated in World Food Day this year. We must never give up. We must keep trying. Read more ›
  • Something to Celebrate

    Something to Celebrate

    three years talking, visioning, finally deciding; 4 years and a million dollar later the restoration is almost finished. But there is something more to celebrateRead more ›
  • Creation Proclaims

    Creation Proclaims

    May the colours of creation speak to your soul. May you hear the song that lifts your spirit. May you be energized for the days to come.Read more ›