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I invite you to travel with me on my journey through faith. I publish a weekly blog which I call Wednesday Wonderings and Thursday's Thoughts.  Here are excerpts of the most recent posts. Click on the graphic or the topic to access the full article.


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Wednesday Wonderings and Thursday’s Thoughts

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  • Never Give Up

    Never Give Up

    There are 805 million people living in chronic hunger. 150 countries participated in World Food Day this year. We must never give up. We must keep trying. Read more ›
  • Something to Celebrate

    Something to Celebrate

    three years talking, visioning, finally deciding; 4 years and a million dollar later the restoration is almost finished. But there is something more to celebrateRead more ›
  • Creation Proclaims

    Creation Proclaims

    May the colours of creation speak to your soul. May you hear the song that lifts your spirit. May you be energized for the days to come.Read more ›
  • Transgender Through The Eyes Of A Child

    Transgender Through The Eyes Of A Child

    Transgender - if only we could see it through the eyes of a child - you know in your heart that things are not as they should be and then it can be fixed.Read more ›
  • Mental Health – Suicide Prevention

    Mental Health – Suicide Prevention

    Suicide Prevention ... If you are in a place of wellness then speak up and stand up. We must break open the health care system to care for allRead more ›
  • Knowledge and Understanding

    Knowledge and Understanding

    in school, in church, in community may we be open to the possibilities that come with knowledge and understanding through life's lessons Read more ›
  • Stories – An Important Part Of Our Journey

    Stories – An Important Part Of Our Journey

    Stories are an important part of our journey. Remembering calls to mind the past and speaks something about us for we, too, are woven into this mosaic ...Read more ›
  • I Was NOT Impressed

    I Was NOT Impressed

    Most times I enjoy having company pop by and, over the years, my house has been a place of refuge for many. But some visitors ... I was NOT impressedRead more ›
  • Conversations About Whatever

    Conversations About Whatever

    A local café, a coffee and a chat. It was a conversations about whatever but I left feeling fed spiritually, intellectually, and energized for the day.Read more ›
  • The Best/Worst Service

    The Best/Worst Service

    the best/worst service I have attended in a long time - the language, the music, the theology and ritual. However.each participant gave as they were able ...Read more ›