Moments of Deep Connection

Moments of Deep Connection

It is early morning. The sun is just rising on the horizon. A slight frost blankets the earth, the air is still, broken only by the call of the loons in the distance. This is my favourite time of day here on the banks of my beloved river. As I sit, surrounded by the spirits of the ancestors, a calm settles in my soul and I am held in the heart of love.

Moments of Deep Connection

My mind travels far as I sit here.

I can see my father cutting wood, puttering in the yard and he stops briefly to chat with me. I cannot discern the words he says but I can hear the sound of his voice. His face, unshaven and wrinkled speaks of years of hard work and a deep wisdom.

Moments of ConnectionThen I feel my Mom sitting beside me. She talks to me of faith and life. She reminds me that in the presence of Divine all things are possible.

I can see my grandson, Liam, playing along the shore as a feather gentle floats on the wind.

As they fade into the mist I see Jesus walking on the beach. He stops to light a fire, preparing for communion with the disciples. I hear the conversation as they sit together and share in this sacred time. Then I am there, sitting with them, listening to the voice of Jesus. His words touch the core of my being and once again,

I feel his call;

I see his vision, and

I embrace his dream.

For a while, I sit and allow myself to be held in these moments of connection. I can feel the warmth of the sun and I breathe in the breath of life. The time comes to leave this space and I resist for a moment, for here all is good. However, I know that with renewed spirit, I can walk from here and what waits me is also good and wonderful.

My prayer is that you too will know these moments of deep connection; that you will pause in your busyness to breathe the breath of life; and that with renewed spirit you might embrace the goodness that surrounds you with the will to create a place where love is lived.


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  1. Scott says:

    Really beautiful. Thanks for this Valerie.

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