Making Dreams Become Reality

The sun is shining and, although it is still somewhat cold, there is a feeling of spring in the air. Energies seem to rise this time of year and people re-surface after the long winter. For me, it is a time of dreaming. I begin to think about – the yard work that needs to happen and what I might do creatively; vacation time; what adventures I might like to have over the coming months. I look forward to things like

~ the Regional Council meeting in May and the time to reconnect with my extended faith family;
~ the Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education scheduled for June and the speakers that will engage us;
~ visits to see my grandchildren.

There are so may possibilities and my energy level increases just in the dreaming.

Making Dreams Become Reality

Dreaming is such an amazing thing and I think it gives us something to look forward to and work for. This past week I was afforded the amazing opportunity to enter into another’s dream.

Lenten JourneyI received a call from a colleague asking if I would meet with him and another person to talk about call to ministry and the possibilities to join in a journey. We spent time talking about call and what that means for us, we discussed theology and what it is to be part of the United Church of Canada.

The person in discernment has travelled a varied road and indeed, already has exercised ministry in his life. He is at a crossroads and feels the push to ordination in the United Church. His background is first in an evangelical tradition and then in the Roman Catholic tradition. Now, as his understanding and theology changes he has found a home within our tradition of the United Church.

This is where I, and First United, enter the scene. To pursue his dream he must first be Confirmed. So this Sunday we will enter into covenant with him, welcoming him into our faith family and joining with him as his dream becomes reality.

Making Dreams Become RealityA Dream for a New Way of Life

Throughout this Lenten season we have also been talking a lot about Jesus’ dream ~

a dream for a new way of life where “justice rolls down like a river and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” ( Amos 5:24)

a dream that becomes reality when we are active participants and join him on the way.

My prayer for us is that

we will indeed dream our dreams, share in the journey of others and work diligently to make Jesus’ way our way.

In doing so the world will be changed.


© 2019 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury

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