Living In Limoo

Living In Limoo

These days are feeling very much like living in limbo. Every morning we arrive at the church, we look anxiously at Tracy and say “Is today the day?” And every day the answer is the same “Not Yet”. Of course what we are waiting for is the go ahead from the insurance to begin the work on the basement in the church hall. When that begins we will have to move out for a few days.

Living in Limbo

In this space of limbo we are still preparing for the various services, events and gatherings that are scheduled for the next three weeks and in the midst of that, wondering if some might have to be canceled or be accommodated in the church building. It is frustrating and exhausting. There is also that constant state of anticipation and making sure we are ready when it happens. I think that we, as staff, are pretty much like the kids in the back seat of the car who keep asking

“Are we there yet?”

Limbo – Very Much Like Advent

As I write these words I cannot help but think that perhaps this is an appropriate time of year for all of this. It is indeed, very much like Advent. We listen to the voices of the prophets who proclaim that something amazing is going to happen. For years our people wondered and asked “Is today the day?”. While we, as Christians, believe that Jesus was the fulfillment of this promise, we still prepare every year to open ourselves to the gift of love that comes to us in the Christmas message.

The days leading up to December 25 are ones that are filled with getting ready and being prepared.

We listen to the age old voices. We recite the familiar stories and every year we anticipate what might be different this time. And, we know that something will change for every year the journey reveals a new word, or feeling, or understanding and we are awed again by amazing grace.


This limbo is a difficult place to be practically and spiritually. At the same time it is filled with messages of hope, peace, joy and love. These are the messages that enable us

to live through the frustrations;

to manage the confusion;

to calm our souls;

to find the moments of laughter that free the spirit; and

to embrace the joy that comes in unexpected gifts.

As we move together through this time may we feel the spirit and find the grace that lies in those unexpected moments of light and hope.

May it be so.


© 2018 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved.


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