Just A Bump in the Road

Just A Bump in the Road

It has been an interesting week here at First United. Last Sunday we talked about endings and beginnings and were reminded of the possibilities that lie just around the corner. I invited us to enter into this new season and the beginning of our new year with open hearts and minds.Well……. We have certainly been challenged since I uttered those words to have open minds!!! And even I, who wears rose coloured glasses most of the time, have been tested!

A Bump in the Road

On Sunday we arrived to an oil leak in the church furnace and the hall furnace was also not working. This meant an afternoon of tracking down insurance adjusters, clean-up crews and the like. All seemed to be working out.

Then….. Monday evening, strike two. At about 6pm a pipe in the sprinkler system broke and the basement of the church hall was flooded! Firetrucks, insurance adjusters, clean-up crews once again on site. The hall will take a little while longer to work out but work is underway.

So, as I am want to do, I have been asking

“Where is the Divine in the midst of this? Is there a lesson to be learned? What good will be the result?”

And as always, there is so much to be thankful for and so many possibilities that lie within these disasters that I cannot help but feel the presence of Divine.

Bump in the roadThat presence is revealed in the community of faith here that has rallied to address the situation and find the best way through.

It has been felt in those moments of laughter that ring through the feelings of desperation and lighten the moment.

It is present in the knowledge that this is just a bump in the road and ministry continues to flourish.

In terms of the good that may result…., that one is obvious – the floors in the basement (that really needed a lot of work at some point in the future) will be replaced and shiny new! All in all, it really could have been worse.

Strength Through the More Difficult Times

Candle of HopeThis Sunday we begin the advent journey, we will light the candle of hope and we will sing

“We light a candle for all people in need of tender care.
There is a hope for brighter days,
this message we will share.”

It is with the promise of new life and the gift of love that we do have the strength to make it through the more difficult times. As we recall the story of Jesus we also know that we do not walk any road alone. Others have gone this way before and the path is a little more even. And when we are feeling the most tired and beaten there are always others to carry us until we can walk again.

May we know the presence of Divine that surrounds us and may the message of the gospel lift us up.


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