Eating Together – It Is About Love

Eating Together – It Is About Love

The day is almost over and sleep calls but my thoughts are running as I sit to compose my weekly reflection. This has been a packed week as my sisters and I gather for our annual “sisterhood summit.” We have done many things – exchanging special gifts; catching up on what has been happening in our lives; drinking coffee; laughing a lot and throughout it all the constant has been food!

The food is not limited to meals but includes grazing through the day and treats that none of us have on a regular basis. When we are not eating we seem to be thinking about eating and discussing what meal comes next. As we share in this life sustaining ritual something magical happens. Conversations that range from the silly to the serious. We share stories about life growing up and for each of us it was different. At times I wonder if we really were raised by the same parents! We dream dreams of the future; tease each other; and laugh together. In the midst of that is thrown moments of irritation because we are all different and all of it is wrapped up in a deep and profound love.

Eating Together – It is about Love

As I reflect on this time I think about Jesus, his life and ministry. So much of it was spent in exactly this way. Whether sitting at a table with family; having tea with strangers; sharing a picnic on the hillside or frying fish on the beach, Jesus spent these intimate moments with others and amazing things happened. Connections were made; doors were opened; lives were transformed; and love was shared.

I wonder what it is about eating together that enables so much to happen?

Perhaps it is because in this basic necessity the barriers that we build up are let down as we sit face to face and eye to eye.

Perhaps it is because at the table we do not hold particular positions or need to fulfill particular roles

Perhaps it is because in the simple act of eating together we are reminded that each of us needs the same basic sustenance no matter who we are – rich or poor; big or small; male or female.

Whatever it is there is something about being at a table together that strengthens bonds; provides opportunities for connection; opens doors of learning; and so much more.

My prayer for us is that we never get too busy to sit at a table with one another; that we would know the depth and breadth of love that surrounds us; and that we might be transformed.


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