Creation Proclaims

It is beginning to feel as if autumn has arrived! The air is a little nippier and the colours are starting to pop. We are once again reminded of the movement of the earth and the cycle of life. As I have said many times before – this is my favourite time of year! As I watch creation give it’s blast of energy and wonder, as it speaks of endings and beginnings, as the earth prepares for the rest that will come I am filled with ideas of possibility and promise. For me it is like receiving an injection of energy that propels me into the months ahead.

In creation rests this song of celebration that has the power to revive the soul and touch the inner most parts of our being. The fall, with all of its wonder is when I hear this song loudest.

Creation ProclaimsCreation Proclaims (inspired by psalm 19)

Creation proclaims…..
Beauty. Wonder and majesty.
Day to Day pours forth speech.
Night to night declares knowledge.
There are no words
But their voice goes out to all the earth!
The law of the universe is perfect
Reviving the soul
Its testimony is sure
Making wise the simple
With sacred mystery
Comes enlightenment,
And love endures forever

These things are to be more desired than gold
They are sweeter than honey

May life be guided by these wonders
May humanity walk in righteousness
May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts
Be acceptable this day.

May the colours of creation speak to your soul. May you hear the song that lifts your spirit. May you be energized for the days to come.


© 2018 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved.

Soul Songs


I am delighted to tell you that my new book, Soul Songs, is now available for purchase on this website. The book is a reflection on the psalms.

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