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The Road Will Not Always Be Easy

Remember that the road will not be always be easy and the way will not always be clearly defined but. if you step out, it can lead to something amazing!

A Sense of Freedom

we need to do some pretty serious house cleaning. With that comes a sense of freedom, a renewed energy and a clearer understanding of where we are heading.

The Still Point of the Circle

The concept of eternal life becomes reality. when we find ourselves in the still point of the circle surrounded by people who reflect and embody the Divine

Everything is Beautiful

What defines beauty? Our perceptions of what is perfect is shaped and influenced by external forces. But really – Everything is Beautiful in its own way

Peer Review

"Valerie Peyton Kingsbury's Creating Spaces for Healing and Hope is not only interesting and therefore worth reading - but it is far more!  It is a moving, uplifting and inspiring account of her experience as a pastor in ministering to the dying and their families.  Her vital personal faith as well as her impressive pastoral gifts of caring and compassion shine through beautifully in her written words."

Dr. Morley F. Hodder
United Church Minister and
University Professor (retired)

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