Calendars, Conversations, Job Descriptions and Grace

Calendars, Conversations, Job Descriptions and Grace

As I sit in my office this evening waiting for the next meeting, all is quiet. The sun is shining through the windows and there is a slight breeze blowing. Feeling very much like the summer may just be on it’s way. In this quiet moment I pause to reflect on the day and am reminded of how often blessings come in unexpected places and in the mundane and ordinary of the day.

Calendars, Conversations, Job Descriptions and Grace

I began the day sitting around a table with several folks just going over the calendar of activities for the church for the coming year. We are indeed a place of much activity!! I was reminded of how blessed we are. While co-ordinating times and dates can cause some frustration it is a wonderful problem to have! We are alive and well, continually adding to the ways that we are able to reflect Divine love in our church and community.

After lunch I drove a member of the community to the Dickson Center for tests. The drive provided an amazing opportunity to enter into conversations that we do not always have the time and focus for. We talked about everything , at least that is what it felt like. We shared our understanding of God and Jesus; of justice; of poverty; of call and discipleship. We talked about family and relationships; courage; and inclusion. We spoke of children and parents and life in general. This was for me an afternoon of deep connection and great blessing.

Calendars, Conversation, GraceThen after supper I again sat at table with a number of folks to clarify some issues. The neat part of this gathering, for me, was that the meeting itself was really clued up in about 15 minutes. But we stayed around the table for another hour talking about the church, relationships, activities and shared some moments of laughter. And once again left feeling as if I had been blessed with the presence of Divine.

Then to clue up my day I received a message from my daughter. It went like this:

Jase: “Freeze. We have to pray”
Terri: “Bless O Lord this Food. Amen”
Jase: “Bless O Lord this Food Amen!?!?  That’s the worstest one I’ve ever heard!”

The Presence of The Holy

In “Searching for Shalom” by Ann Weems there is a passage entitled Messiah.

Look for the Messiah where you will,
but you will find him where you live.
He will not be separated and kept apart
from those who cry to him.
He will be found right in the midst
of the daily routine, ordinary stuff of life.
So, wherever you’re living
look for him
In the ordinary niches of that living
look for the holy
that the holy might be found in you?

In things like co-ordinating calendars, random conversations, writing job descriptions and saying grace lie the presence of the holy. Spirit weaves it’s way in and through and among and the ordinary becomes extra-ordinary. Blessed be!


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