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Faith and the Law – What does Jesus say?

Sometimes the laws we create become more important than anything else. They can hinder our ability to truly live the gospel. But, what does Jesus Say?

Build a World Where Love is Lived

All part of the same body – each different; each needed to make the body whole. May we gain strength in our diversity and build a world where love is lived

The Universe said ENOUGH

Besides being a workaholic, I also have some difficulty taking the needed rest that I so often advise others to take. Yesterday the Universe said ENOUGH.

A Regular Saturday Just After Christmas

In this blog I want to share a story with you. It happened on a regular Saturday just after Christmas when I received one of the greatest Christmas presents

Peer Review

"Valerie Peyton Kingsbury's Creating Spaces for Healing and Hope is not only interesting and therefore worth reading - but it is far more!  It is a moving, uplifting and inspiring account of her experience as a pastor in ministering to the dying and their families.  Her vital personal faith as well as her impressive pastoral gifts of caring and compassion shine through beautifully in her written words."

Dr. Morley F. Hodder
United Church Minister and
University Professor (retired)

VPK - Book and Bible