A Sense of “WOW!”

A Sense of “WOW!”

This weekend, for many, marks the official beginning of the summer season. Folks will be opening up cottages or heading out for their first camping trip. In the church it marks the beginning of the slow down (at least in terms of meetings and regular programming). Many of us are looking forward to a gentler pace and perhaps some time to recharge our batteries. And this is good.

Having said that, I am also reminded of the reality that in the life of our church, while somethings will take a breather, other things will ramp up. June brings with it a variety of events and celebrations –

~ Pentecost and church anniversary;
~ the Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education;
~ The Hay-ride and wiener roast and Graduation Sunday.
~ Then into July we begin our summer lunch-time concerts on Wednesdays and
~ Vacation Bible School will round out the summer in August.

A Sense of “WOW!”

WOWAs I sit at my desk this morning and think about all of this I am filled with a sense of “ WOW!” Sometimes we allow ourselves to get caught up in the crisis of the moment, or the dreariness of a particular day that we forget the amazingness of the bigger picture. What we are a part of really is beyond anything I could have imagined and I am ever grateful for the people with whom I am privileged to travel. Every day presents the opportunity to grow and change, to live into the ministry that is ours, and to celebrate the community that surrounds us!

As we move together into the days and weeks and months ahead I pray that ….

In the multi-coloured glory of creation,
and the heart beat rhythm of the seasons,
in the light of Christ we live,
that our days and ways will be illuminated by Spirit.
May we bring our darkness and our brightness-
all the shades and colours of our lives –
and be co-creators of a world where love is lived.
May a sense of “WOW” pervade our beings
and shape the course of our days.


© 2019 Rev. Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. All rights reserved.

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  1. Sharron Bradley says:

    Blessings Valerie from Carolyn’s sister

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