To be reminded of the mystery and the magic

This past week Mark and I took our middle grandson for a week adventure in Newfoundland. It was a week of new experiences and great joy as we lived each day through the eyes of a 4 and1/2 year old.

We jumped in mud puddles and searched for “bird poop”;
ran on the beach and threw rocks in the ocean;
we cooked smores over a fire;
made journeys into the magical forest where friends were made of the rabbits and birds;
rode bike and played ball;
went in search of treasure in the attic;
flew a kite; and
laughed for many hours!

Jase took us adults out of our heads and spaces of “Ho-hum” and into a place of wonder, wisdom and child-like abandon. It was amazing!!

To be reminded of the mystery and the magic

I imagine that this might have been what the prophet was envisioning when he wrote the words

“and a child shall lead them”.

By the time we reach adulthood we often forget what it means to embrace the beauty and the wonder of the world around us. We are more prone to negativity and skepticism. We think we need to be properly put out and act in dignified ways. We find ourselves in places of responsibility and filled with the need to “get it right” or “make it right”. And there are real pressures that come along with work and family that can be overwhelming. However, in the midst of all of that, I believe that we need to be reminded of the mystery and the magic. We need to step into the space of imagination and carefree abandon and be renewed in body and spirit.

And a child will lead us!

So today I encourage you to jump in a mud puddle; fly a kite; or do something that will enable you to see the wonder that surrounds you!


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