A Journey Through Faith

think beyond the surface

My mentor has always challenged me to think beyond the surface stuff and move deeper in the realm of the sacred.

When I began to write these wonderings I did so in an effort to connect with the members of my congregation and to encourage them to join with me on a journey of discovery. What I have discovered in that process is that my musings have been shared with co-workers, family members, and friends when they have touched a certain chord or offered the words that are needed at the time.

Now I offer my thoughts to you in the hope you will find

moments of insight
words of hope and inspiration
something that challenges you
a glimpse into the mystery of the Universe
an unexpected moment of grace


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  • An Amazing Scene That Touched My Soul

    An Amazing Scene That Touched My Soul

    An amazing scene - I heard the song of life and the rejoicing of the universe. I felt the breath of the Divine and witnessed the rebirth of a blessed soul.Read more ›
  • Manure or Fertilizer – Your Choice

    Manure or Fertilizer – Your Choice

    Perhaps it is about how we react to the situations that happen. We have a choice. We either allow it to remain a pile of manure or spread it as fertilizerRead more ›
  • Jesus Came to Visit

    Jesus Came to Visit

    I didn't think we had time for all the visitors that day. I was so busy 'doing' that I did not recognize Jesus as he entered my space to chat a whileRead more ›