A Journey Through Faith

think beyond the surface

My mentor has always challenged me to think beyond the surface stuff and move deeper in the realm of the sacred.

When I began to write these wonderings I did so in an effort to connect with the members of my congregation and to encourage them to join with me on a journey of discovery. What I have discovered in that process is that my musings have been shared with co-workers, family members, and friends when they have touched a certain chord or offered the words that are needed at the time.

Now I offer my thoughts to you in the hope you will find

moments of insight
words of hope and inspiration
something that challenges you
a glimpse into the mystery of the Universe
an unexpected moment of grace


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  • The Divine Song is Sung Through Us

    The Divine Song is Sung Through Us

    Each of us is a unique work of art created in Divine image. The Divine song is sung through us.and in the room, I saw beauty and heard the divine melody.Read more ›
  • A Place for Everyone

    A Place for Everyone

    When there really is a place for everyone then the Kingdom of God will become reality. Until such time, we must be co-creators of a new way of beingRead more ›
  • Eating Together – It Is About Love

    Eating Together – It Is About Love

    Food and eating together - conversation from the silly to the serious. It is about connecting, sharing, strengthening bonds. It is about love.Read more ›